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What If There Was A Way To  Reduce Your Child's Concerning Behaviours And Help Them Fulfil Their Potential?

The Behaviour Academy


An online self-study programme to help parents of autistic children learn how to reduce problematic behaviour and fulfil their child's potential.
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As a parent with a child on the spectrum, life might feel a little more chaotic than normal.


You desperately want to help your child, but between the meltdowns, sensitivities, anxiety, and overwhelm...

You have no idea what triggers them sometimes- let alone how to soothe and avoid the triggers altogether.

You want to see your child happy and independent...

But it's gotten to the point where you aren't sure what you need to do to help them get there.
And it's crushing...

What you really need is support...


But, between all the resources out there, conflicting reviews on social media and the never ending waiting lists - you have ended up even more lost, confused, and frustrated.

I totally get it...

I know how exhausting it can be when you're constantly treading on egg shells trying to avoid triggering behaviours.

The truth is...

Each child learns through experience what works best for them when they communicate.  When you respond to their behaviour (appropriate or inappropriate) by giving your child what they want you reinforce it, which makes it more likely to happen again in the future.

Hi, I'm Gemma,

If you're new to me...I'm a mum of 3 young children and a certified behaviour analyst. In the last 15 years I've worked with hundreds of children with autism, and their parents. It's my mission to up-skill and empower parents (and professionals) to positively support children with autism, feel confident in managing tricky behaviours and have the tools to teach them new skills. 

Every child deserves the opportunity to reach their own potential, but parenting doesn't come with a manual.  The Behaviour Academy IS your parenting manual - it's packed full of valuable hands-on and practical strategies to help you help your child and I'll be with your every step of the way to ensure you get the results you want and deserve for you and your child. 

Life with a child on the spectrum doesn't have to feel lonely.

And just because you are a neurotypical parent, doesn't mean you are incapable of understanding and managing your child's unique needs.

You know your child best, making you the best advocate for them.

Now it's time to get simple and practical tools - to help make life on the spectrum easier and more impactful for you and your child. 


The Behaviour Academy


An online course that shows you exactly how to create and implement an individualised behaviour support plan that you can implement with confidence to help fulfil your child's potential.


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This course is for..

  • Parents of a neurodiverse child or a child on the spectrum, who are overwhelmed with how some of the symptoms present themselves.
  • Parents who have tried everything in ALL of the books, but still haven't seen any improvement for their child.
  • Professionals who work with neurodiverse children, and children on the spectrum and want a deeper insight on how to handle their unique needs.

Gain the confidence you need to help your child flourish.

By the end of the course, you’ll have created a comprehensive action plan ready to go, so you can help your child.

The Behaviour Academy will give you the tools, inspiration and unparalleled support to get you there.

What The Behaviour Academy Will Teach You....


  • How to Analyse Problem Behaviour 
  • How to Use Proven Tools to Teach Your Child Replacement Behaviours
  • How to Identify Effective Reaction Strategies
  • How to Identify Effective Prevention Strategies
  • How to Help Your Child Choose a More Appropriate Behaviour
  • How to Avoid 'quick fixes' Such As Distraction Techniques
  • How to Grow Your Confidence as a Parent

Best of all, by the end of this course you'll have a comprehensive, easy-to-implement individualised behaviour support plan for your child.

A clear action plan that you will create throughout the course, that's tailored for your unique child and that you'll be able to implement with confidence.

Roma and her son struggled with his behaviour.

This is Roma, mum of a little boy with autism who had good language skills but engaged in  frequent problem behaviour. He struggled with transitions, being denied access to things that he wanted and coping when things didn't go his way. Roma was able to apply the strategies she learned in The Behaviour Academy and help her little boy learn how to cope with these sorts of difficulties.


The Behaviour Academy

Designed to guide you through all the different aspects of neurodiverse behaviour, how it presents in children, and how to manage and reduce challenging symptoms.

Module 1

Behavioural Principles

In this module we cover the basic principles and functions of behaviour so that you can become a behaviour detective!

Module Highlights:

Identify overall goals (target behaviours to reduce), concepts of functions of behaviour, antecedents and consequences of behaviour.

Module 2

Prevention Strategies

Learn how to be pro-active and identify practical strategies to prevent problem behaviours from having to occur.

Module Highlights:

Discuss antecedents to behaviour problems and develop preventative strategies.

Module 3

Daily Schedules

Learn how to design and teach your child to use a daily schedule; an effective type of prevention strategy that helps minimise problem behaviours.

Module Highlights:

Develop a daily schedule and identify points of intervention (including use of visual schedules) to decrease problem behaviour.

Module 4

Reinforcement 1

What floats your child's boat?? How can you use their motivation and interests to teach them new skills and replace problem behaviours?

Module Highlights:

Discuss concept of reinforcers – to promote cooperation with adult-led demands, strengthen desired behaviours and teach new behaviours.

Module 5

Reinforcement 2

Learn how to recognise moments to reinforce your child during every day situations as well as scheduling time to practise playing with and reinforcing your child's behaviour.

Module Highlights:

Introduce ‘catching your child being good’. Teach play and social skills through child-led play.

Module 6

Planned Ignoring

There may be times when you need to ignore your child and/or their behaviour depending on the function (purpose their behaviour serves them).

Module Highlights:

Explore systematic use of extinction (via planned ignoring) to reduce behavioural problems.

Module 7

Increasing learner willingness

Learn how to teach your child to cooperate with adult-led demands and daily chores.

Module Highlights:

Introduce effective parental requests and how to teach your child that following adult-led demands is in their best interest.

Module 8

Functional Communication Training

If your child was a fluent communicator what would they be saying right now? What can we teach them as a replacement behaviour that's a more appropriate and effective way of getting what they want?

Module Highlights:

Through systematic reinforcement, teach alternative communicative skills to replace problematic behaviours.

Module 9

Teaching Skills 1

There are very specific teaching strategies that you can use to help teach your child new skills.

Module Highlights:

Using task analysis and chaining, provide tools to replace problem behaviours with appropriate behaviours and how to promote adaptive, coping and leisure skills.

Module 10

Teaching Skills 2

More information on how to teach your child new skills using evidence based teaching strategies.

Module Highlights:

Learn various prompting procedures to use while teaching skills.

Module 11

Generalisation & Maintenance

We want our kids to respond across multiple people as well as multiple settings. We also want them to retain what they have learned.

Module Highlights:

Generate strategies to consolidate positive behaviour changes and generalise newly learned skills.

+++ Plus 4 Bonus Webinars

You'll get complete access to ALL of my stand-alone webinars (that all come with downloadable activity sheets) including; 

  • toilet training
  • fussy eating
  • reward charts
  • verbal behaviour
I'm Ready to Learn!
Lorraine (mum)

The time I spent with Gemma doing her course was invaluable. She helped me to set goals and to monitor them. The goals were around finding ways to help my children with challenging behaviours and also to teach skills so that the behaviours were not necessary. It gave me a new frame work in which to understand behaviours which has helped me to look beneath the surface of behaviours rather than feel like I’m constantly and thoughtlessly reacting.

Leo (Pupil Support Assistant)

Gemma's course was brilliant. It was a very collaborative group and I really enjoyed the collaborative experience with the other participants that was instigated by Gemma's inclusive approach. I can't recommend the course highly enough to practitioners working with ASD children as well as their parents. This course gave me the ability to improve my relationship with several learners and aid them in developing vital new life skills. 

Laura (mum)

This course has been such a profound experience for me. The strategies that I learned and have incorporated into my daily routine have had such a positive impact at home. I would highly recommend this course to parents, teachers and/or anyone who has relations with children and Gemma is the ideal tutor, her experience and work ethic is absolutely paramount and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of it. Thank you so much Gemma you’re a star.

An Overview of Everything You Get When You Enrol:

  • 11 modules 
  • Activity sheets and data sheets
  • Behaviour support plan template
  • Lifetime Access to course content
  • Bonus  - Webinar Bundle 

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Here's what some of our previous members have to say....



Meet Ioanna; a parent of a 7 year old little boy diagnosed with autism. This is her story about her experience with The Behaviour Academy. 


This is Cathy, a teacher based in Austria who was so inspired with the effectiveness of using the strategies she learned in The Behaviour Academy with her learners that she persuaded a team of staff at her school to also complete the course!


This is Leigh, a parent of a pre-teen with autism taking about her experience of The Behaviour Academy.


This is Vikki, a parent of a child with autism and a support for learning teacher. Vikki could see the benefits of applying the strategies she learned in The Behaviour Academy and now readily uses them with her students at school.


And finally, meet Kelly; an autism mum as well as a professional. Kelly was inspired by her son's progress, using the same sorts of strategies you'll learn in the behaviour academy, and decided to take the next step and get qualified as a behaviour analyst herself 😁

Frequently Asked Questions

What people (like yourself!) asked before signing up for The Behaviour Academy

The Behaviour Academy is primarily based on the content of the parenting training manual designed by The RUBI Autism Network (Bearss et al., 2015). The RUBI Autism Network has developed and tested their manual specifically for children with autism and disruptive behaviours, proving it's efficacy as an effective parent training tool when delivered by trained professionals.

Still Not Sure?

The Behaviour Academy, might seem too good to be true if you've been through hoops already trying to work with your child's unique needs, but if... 
  1. You haven't had any REAL training on how to manage your child's needs..
  2. OR If you have received some training but you are exhausted, frustrated, and want to learn some strategies that ACTUALLY work.
  3. You are willing to put in the effort to change your own behaviour to change your child's.
  4. You are already implementing some effective techniques and want to dive deeper into the science of behaviour to learn more.
  5. You are worried your child is not receiving adequate support/intervention at nursery/school and want the best outcomes for them.
  6. You are ready to learn so that you can recognise teaching opportunities across your child's whole day.

Here’s What You Get When You Enrol.... 

  • 11 modules 
  • Downloadable homework/activity sheets 
  • Behaviour support plan template
  • Lifetime Access to course content
  • Bonus  - Webinar Bundle 

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I love that I have the skills to change  lives for the better, to help children fulfil their potential. I've experienced first-hand what it feels like to see a child blossom and how making a positive impact on a child's behaviour can have on the rest of the family. 

Should you choose to invest in The Behaviour Academy, I personally guarantee that this course will be a sound investment in money and in your time and energy.

All my best,