Help Your Child Reach Their Fullest Potential

Workshops, in-person services, and bite sized online community and training tailored to meet the needs and challenges of parenthood on the spectrum.


Ever since your child was diagnosed with Autism you have been doing everything you can to help them thrive. 

But normal parenting books don't cover the unique challenges you face on a daily basis, and your child sometimes needs more support than you even know how to give.

  • The research you find online is conflicting and confusing.
  • Nothing you do seems to make an impact, and both you and your child are frustrated and exhausted.
  • You hurt for your child, knowing they are capable of so much more, but have no idea how to help them harness their potential.

You're tired of...

Feeling alone
Feeling powerless to help your child


Lacking the understanding of how to approach their behaviour

Hi! I'm Gemma and I've worked with children with autism and related difficulties since 2005. 

I have a MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis from the University of Wales, Bangor and gained her BCaBA certification in 2012

As a mom, and a professional, I know how challenging balancing parenting, life, and work can be.

When you are a child with special needs, it can feel like that balance is impossible. That's why I created a learning experience and community where parents and professionals can get the training and support they need to help their child.


You can gain the confidence and skills to develop positive routines and give your child the environment they need to thrive.

Even if you only have a few minutes to learn each day. Our goal is to unlock your child’s potential by designing and helping you deliver individually tailored programmes that target your child’s greatest needs.

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Online Services

You deserve a space where you feel confident and supported in meeting your child's needs.

Connect with other parents who have children with autism by joining our membership; The Keys for learning toolbox. Or invest in up-skilling yourself to become your child's best teacher by joining our signature online parent training course; The Behaviour Academy.

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In-Person Services

Give your child a fun and safe space to grow their social skills and make friends by joining our weekly social skills club.

Learn more about our therapy room in Edinburgh and how to schedule a therapy session for your child.

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