We help  children with autism unlock their full potential 

Does your child engage in frequent challenging behaviour? Click the button below to access our 4 steps to managing problem behaviour:


We help children with autism unlock their full potential 

Does your child engage in frequent challenging behaviour? Click the button below to access our 4 steps to managing problem behaviour:

Individually Tailored Programmes

Our programmes are individualised to target your child's greatest needs.

Online Membership & Community

Access a growing online library of resources and connect with other parents who are experiencing a similar parenting journey to you. 

Evidence-based Strategies

Learn hands-on, evidence-based strategies to teach your child new skills so they can be as independent as possible.

Help for Autism Scotland

At Keys for Learning we specialise in helping autistic children (as well as those who have similar behavioural and communication difficulties) reach their potential. Our goal is to unlock your child’s potential by designing and helping you deliver individually tailored programmes that target your child’s greatest needs.

Our programmes are based on principles and procedures derived from Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA); scientifically the most effective approach for addressing a wide range of behavioural issues and specifically autism symptoms.

Our programmes can be used to:

  • Teach new skills (e.g. communication, play, self-help etc)
  • increase behaviours you would like to see more of (e.g. sharing, being more cooperative, playing with peers etc)
  • Reduce behaviours you would like to see less of (e.g. self-injury, tantrums etc)

Through continuous monitoring and regular assessments we can ensure that as your child progresses, their ABA programmes are adapted and developed according to their needs.

Our Services


Direct 1:1 home-based therapy or at our therapy room in Edinburgh.


Practical strategies for helping with; issues around eating & mealtimes, toilet training, sleeping, communication and using reward charts to increase positive behaviours.

Social Skills Club

Weekly small group social skills clubs (Edinburgh & Glasgow) for children to learn social communication and play skills.

Parent Membership

A growing online library of bite-sized lessons/teaching tools and access to an online community to connect with like-minded parents.

Online Course for Parents/Professionals

A step-by-step course that will provide you with teaching strategies to reduce your child's challenging behaviour and teach them new skills.



Parent membership; The Keys For Learning Toolbox

"I LOVE being part of such an inclusive membership! The tools in the toolbox are already helping me with my little girl, and having that direct interaction with so many health professionals that are normally impossible to reach out to has been an absolute Godsend to us - especially during the pandemic. Thank you for creating such an invaluable resource - it's worth every penny and more"


Social Skills Clubs

"Absolutely amazed at the progress my son has made whilst attending Gemma's Social Skills Club! Gemma and Georgia quickly build superb relationships with the children and provide first class feedback whilst offering solutions to individual hurdles. My son has really progressed in areas he previously found difficult to deal with and he is, without a doubt, able to communicate and respond in a more relaxed manner. This is such a proactive group and I would have no hesitation in recommending the classes to anyone with children experiencing social challenges."


Online course, 'The Behaviour Academy'

"This online course has been such a profound experience for me. Gemma has been truly amazing, the live sessions were very informative all participants could discuss together and if we had any questions or queries Gemma was spot on in her response. Gemma was very professional and productive - the course material provided was easily accessible and informative. I have incorporated the strategies into my daily routine and they've had such a positive impact at home. I would highly recommend this course to parents, teachers and/or anyone who has relations with children and Gemma is the ideal tutor, her experience and work ethic is absolutely paramount and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of it."


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